Blog Update

Blog Update

You know, it has been awhile since I wrote an entry; I have been busy with work.  Starting a new job has its own learning curves; yes I said curves because there are many.  for example, getting used to the new hours, getting used to the job itself, getting used to a new routine, etc.

I was able to get over the learning curve of new hours pretty easy; after all I get to go in earlier than my old job.  I have been an early riser for a few years so it was easy to get used to going into work an hour and a half before my old job.

I am getting used to my job; the learning curve is bigger than in prior positions as I have many tasks.  One task I have mastered is creating HTML email campaigns.  More about this later.

Getting into a new routine is a bit more challenging.  Eating, going to the gym, reading, etc have all been a bit interesting.  I have gotten the eating part down; I love food so that part was easy.  Going to the gym is a bit harder…after all who wants to go to the gym after working  a 9-10 hour job.  Going to the gym is getting easier.  The hard part is figuring out when I want to read or spend time thinking about writing.  I have decided going forward, I will read an hour before I go to bed each night and well I will start writing once a week.

Just to keep you posted…my blog will focus on anything from drivers in Los Angeles to what I am doing at work.  some will be humorous and others technical.  So stay tune this show will not be in reruns.