LinkedIn, so you want to connect: Tips to Live By

LinkedIn, so you want to connect: Tips to Live By

LinkedIn, so you want to connect: Tips to Live By

Today I got a message about connecting on LinkedIn. I did the normal things when getting this type of message. I went to the persons profile to see what we had in common. When I checked, I found we had nothing in common; not the same company, no mention of social media, etc. After this, I went to the message they sent it was the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” I immediately hit Ignore.

Things to Consider on LinkedIn

When you consider asking someone about connecting on LinkedIn, you need to think about the person you are sending the message to and what they may expect you to write. If they are a personal contact the canned LinkedIn message may be good enough to send since you know the person. It is those times when you don’t know the person you need to take other action.

According to, you need to make the message personal, provide salutations, and the benefits of connecting with you. Tell the person why you want to connect and what benefit it would be to that person to be connected to you. Over on the Claire Diaz-Ortiz blog, “Provide a reference to you outside of LinkedIn so someone can look you up before accepting your request.”

I fully agree with and Ms. Diaz-Ortiz, you need to tell me who you are, why we should connect, and where to find other information about you. If you want to connect, it helps give the user a frame of reference and pointing them in the right direction will help you grow your network much faster.

Other LinkedIn Etiquette

Over on Mashable, they offer some good advice for other areas of etiquette for LinkedIn when looking for a job.

  1. Hide your information – you should hide activity that is not essential to a good feed experience; for example, for search.
  2. Mind the gap – post all of your job history even if it is not in the field where you are trying to get a job.
  3. Research – when looking for a job, it is okay to stalk the hiring manager and other people at the company.

I hope you find these tips helpful when growing your LinkedIn connections.