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Hello, Spring is in the air and I did some spring cleaning on my website.  I decided to move my website onto a CMS system; for now I have stuck with the basic theme.  I have also reordered some of the pages and changed a few page names.  In the coming weeks I will be adding new features and also adding more content.  Stay tuned as there will be no summer reruns.

Blog or Not

To blog or not to blog that is the question; I am trying to decide if I should create a blog.

I have often thought, if I write a blog what will I write about.  There are a number of things to write about; I am sure most have been covered by someone at one time or another.   I could write about some of my passions: roller coasters, reading, cooking, etc.   Then I thought, why not just create one just to write about anything and everything?  In reality, I don’t care if people actually read my blog; it would just be a great way to exercise my mind and clean out some stuff…

So to blog or not to blog?