Hiking: Paramount Ranch

Paramount Ranch

Today we went hiking at Paramount Ranch; a former movie ranch producing those great old westerns my Dad grew up loving.  The ranch is really easy to find and not one you would realize is located just a couple of miles off the 101 in Agoura Hills.  The main drawback for the area is noise; there is a high amount of traffic on the roads around the ranch and the noise carries quite well.  Which is interesting considering at one time there was a racetrack on the site, Paramount Racetrack.

We wanted to make sure we got a good hike in and there are ample opportunities in this park.  We started going around the Medea Creek Trail which is about a one mile loop.  We the ventured through “Western Town which is the old movie set; however, to keep the pace moving we did not stop to enjoy the town.  Instead we headed toward “Coyote Canyon Trail” which turns into a loop as you go to the picnic area which sits on top of a hill.  The disappointing thing about the picnic area is there is no view.  After the picnic area we headed around the overlook toward the Hacienda Trail which meanders into Witches Wood.  We then started to take a trip on Backdrop Trail but decided we were ready to head back into the town via part of Medicine Woman Trail.

Overall, we turned our hike into about 4.5 miles and this may be one we return to in the future.

Oh yes, watch out for horses and poo.