Hiking: Parker Mesa Overlook

Parker Mesa Overlook

Since we did not hike on Saturday, we decided to challenge ourselves a bit with a 6 mile hike that gives you an 800 foot elevation.  For today’s hike, we picked Parker Mesa Overlook located in Topanga State Park.  Hiking this moderate trail you get breath taking views  of the surrounding valleys and at one point downtown LA.

When you start the hike, there is a nice climb up to a split in the path.  If you turn left there are at least four other trails to follow but if you want the overlook as we did you will turn right.  You find yourself going up and down the hills through the canyon at time there are some steep points but not awfully bad.  Be warned…there are bikes on this path and even though bikes are supposed to yield to hikers they are at times going pretty fast so, get out of their way.

At the trails end there are breath taking views of the ocean, Santa Monica, and from what I have read Catalina Island.

The return trip is just as good as the trip up.  At times you find yourself going downhill and other going back up hill all while taking advantage of great views.  There is not a lot of shade on this rail so make sure you wear sun screen.  Also, take plenty of water…especially if it is in the 80s or higher.

Again, please pay for your parking as the Rangers do check and it also helps to keep our parks open.