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Photography has always been something I have enjoyed participating while traveling.  When I was younger I always took a camera with me on trips.  I remember one trip before the advent of Digital SLR cameras, I took enough pictures to fill up 10 rolls of film.  Thank goodness for digital! I am an amateur photographer; images of architecture and things found in nature inspire me.

My Photography Gallery

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Celebrate Photography


Cityscapes photography


Fallingwater photography


Plant Life photography

Plant Life

Water Photography


Nature Photograpghy


Celebrate contains images found after returning from a day trip while on vacation. We were on our way back into the hotel when a fireworks show started and I find the images peaceful. Cityscapes captures images found in the United States. The most special images are from Alcataz Island; which can be both haunting and captivating at the same time. Enjoy. Fallingwater is one of Frank Llyod Wright’s most interesting houses. Sitting on a hill nestled over a waterfall; this house is an architectural masterpiece. If you are in PA plan a visit. I love plants. Plants flow and blow in the breeze and if you are lucky enough to find a field full of plants just sit and reflect on your day. Relax and let the plants and nature come over you. Water and waterfalls are some of the most peaceful pieces of art found in nature. This gallery captures some interesting images of water and waterfalls. Nature. It is all around us and at times we take it for granted. For example, this little fella was just crawling along ne day minding his business and I found him interesting.