Professional Experience

Quick.  What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word marketing?  If you are like many people you think of advertisements.  When I hear the term marketing I think of strategy and branding.

In January 2008, I was offered a position as an academic advisor at Illinois Central College in the Business Department.  Many people do not see the connection between advising and marketing but in reality they are related.  Part of the responsibilities of being a college advisor is to market the programs at career fairs, college fairs, and job fairs.  Furthermore, you have to understand the number of programs offered in the department and listen to the students to get an understanding of the career goals; think of relationship marketing.  In effect, an advisor acts as a marketer to develop a lasting relationship with students; most of the time, the advisor is the first contact for the college.

In 2011, I worked for a digital agency which specialized in technology strategy and web development.  My role was Assistant Project & Sales Manager and I spent  most of my time on the marketing/sales side of the business.   One of the largest parts of my job was writing proposals both to potential clients and in response to requests for proposals.  I was responsible for the public relations of the firm as well as writing copy for the firm’s website.  I also marketed the company by reaching out to potential new clients through e-mail, phone, and attending events.

Currently, I work for a firm which produces trade shows and media for the advanced manufacturing industry around the world. I spend a great deal of time creating collateral for both digital and print use for clients and audience members.  Another aspect of my position is management of social media; in less than one year I managed to increase our social presence by more than 57%. In addition to these duties, I work on overall brand strategy, email strategy, and audience acquisition.