Orlando 2013 Exhibitor Materials

Orlando Exhibitor Materials

One of the projects I worked on at UBM Canon, while I was a Sales Marketing Coordinator, was the Orlando 2013 Exhibitor materials.  For this event, I came up with the idea of the using an old school “Welcome to Florida” postcard.  I wanted something fresh and new for this event, so I had the creative team take the concept and modernize the look and feel of the “postcard” into the exhibitor materials.

Included in the creative brief was the use of the “Delivering the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Market” headline with the design elements of waves and sun.  The ensuing design was fresh and exciting generating buzz around the event.  We created a generic outside folder with the event information and used inserts targeted at each of the brands.

In addition to the direct mail pieces, I had the creative team design an email with the “Spotlight on Orlando” headline using the same look and feel of the print pieces.  Finally, for the medical brand we created a similar direct mail piece using the same feel as the generic cover using similar design elements found in the piece.