Hiking: Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

After the hiking yesterday at Fryman Park, we decided to make this a two hike weekend.  Today we head north of Los Angeles to Red Rock Canyon.  This is not to be confused with Red Rock Canyon in the Las Vegas area – even though that is a spectacular park as well.

Getting to this park is a bit confusing as there are two entrances.  The main entrance, of which we were unaware, is off of Topanga Canyon Road and is an easier hike than the one we picked.  So if you are using the book Day Hikes Around Los Angeles or a great site called Local Hikes they give detailed directions to the one we picked.

After a winding trip through some pretty scenic view we find ourselves at a pull off on Stunt Road.  We parked and I saw the hill…I was like are you kidding me.  This hike takes you between 700 to 800 feet elevation immediately.  I was astounded!  The weather was a bit better than the day before no rain but still a bit chilly with the wind blowing.

As you hike up this trail, you get to see some spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and some power lines upon which when I saw them I said “Look a zip line”.  When you crest the hill there are two ways to go, forward takes you up another hill to Calabasas Peak turn right and you go down into the valley.  We took the right path which leads into the canyon, and both agreed we will go back again to take the other path to Calabasas Peak.  After the first hill going the hike goes down into the valley and through some nice shade.  A little more than ¾ of the way down the hill you come to the red rocks.  If you have been to Red Rock near Las Vegas, these rocks are not nearly as spectacular but are really cool.  There are a few caves in this area and you can scale the hill beside the caves to sit on top of the rock formation.  At this point if you return to your car you will have gone about four miles.  However, if you keep following the path for another half mile you will come upon the main park entrance.  Once you turn around and return to your car you will have gone five miles round trip.

The return trip is a nicer hike back up the hill as it is not as steep.  There are some areas on the hike back up where the hill is steeper but they are not bad.  When you crest the hill you turn left and head back down to the parking area.

A few pointers…wear sun screen, take some water, and wear comfortable shoes.  If the temperature is in the 70s and windy you may want to wear a sweatshirt as it can be a bit cool.