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Update for March 2012 & Fryman Park Hike

Welcome back!  This summer, my partner and I will be spending the some weekends hiking around LA and Southern California.

Today is the first day we will be hiking; the weather is not great…it is a bit rainy and cold. We are meeting a friend at her house and she will be taking us into Fryman Park.  Now I know that sounds scary but really, Fryman is located in Studio City sort of in the middle of the drive up into the hills off of Laurel Canyon.  We are going to be hiking on the Fryman Canyon Loop trail which according to one source, “Day Hikes Around Los Angeles” by Robert Stone is a 4 mile hike but other sources report it being 3 miles; one really good site is an article called Hiking Fryman Canon.  I tend to think it is closer to a three mile hike as it seemed really quick and painless.  Of course unless you hiked with each author you never know what path they followed.

Getting to the park is really easy and as you can search maps on the internet I will not spend time talking about how to get to Fryman Canyon.  All I ask is that you pay to park in the lot versus parking on the road.  Paying to park helps keep the parks open.

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Hello, Spring is in the air and I did some spring cleaning on my website.  I decided to move my website onto a CMS system; for now I have stuck with the basic theme.  I have also reordered some of the pages and changed a few page names.  In the coming weeks I will be adding new features and also adding more content.  Stay tuned as there will be no summer reruns.

Blog or Not

To blog or not to blog that is the question; I am trying to decide if I should create a blog.

I have often thought, if I write a blog what will I write about.  There are a number of things to write about; I am sure most have been covered by someone at one time or another.   I could write about some of my passions: roller coasters, reading, cooking, etc.   Then I thought, why not just create one just to write about anything and everything?  In reality, I don’t care if people actually read my blog; it would just be a great way to exercise my mind and clean out some stuff…

So to blog or not to blog?