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MarketingSherpa’s Dirty Dozen

I got the attached document from the Online Marketing Summit produced by UBM TechWeb in San Diego.  I can’t remember who sent it to me or even if I requested it but I wanted to share a few interesting nuggets from the 12 “Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes”.

  1. Email sign up should have a verification process where the person has to verify the signed up for your message.
  2. The more you can segment the better results you will have.
  3. Make the welcome message inviting and engaging…tell them what the future holds.
  4. Know how often to send….
  5. Add some personalization
  6. Use proper HTML and CSS…I personally run my HTML through the W3C Validator Service.

MarketingSherpa Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes

Email Marketing Benchmark Results

I participated in a webinar in November presented by Marketo where they discussed the results of an email benchmarking project they had compiled.  Here are the brief notes:

Ongoing project,  for the survey – get a personalized report showing how we compare to industry

Key Points

Consistent Email From address

Over weekend may be best for sending (need to test)

Top Performers use – Segmentation, Custom Landing Pages, Dynamic Content

Most companies do not know the conversion rates

Keep a log of all your tests so you can refer back to the specific variables that were tested – and more importantly what you learned.

Segment your audience based on demographic and firmographic attributes such as industry and title.

Consider segmenting your audience based on how frequently they interact with your messages (opens and clicks).

Also consider a subscription center where your audience can subscribe to different topics and frequency of communications.


  • Product & Service 1 -2 times mo
  • Event Promotion 1-2 times mo
  • Automated Nurturing 1 per mo