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Twitter Auto Reply: Why bother!

Twitter Auto Reply: Why bother!

I am all for automation when it comes to social media and posting your updates; but what about the Twitter auto reply feature? I find it interesting when you follow someone and within a couple of seconds you get a direct message from that person with a canned message. The message can range from the generic, “Thank you for following me” to something like “We invite you to submit a blog to our website.”

In an informal poll around my office I found that in general, most people feel like that is the same as sending a spam email message: just not worth it. I would have to agree. As someone who manages social media for several different brands I find it odd when I get a message from someone and it has nothing to do with my brand or product offerings.

I decided to see what other thought about the auto reply on Twitter and here are some interesting points:

  • Check out their profile and re-tweet something you find interesting. (Sponsored Tweets)
  • Twitter frowns on people using this feature to send messages:
    • “Including an automated “thanks for following” message to your new followers might be annoying to some users. We do not recommend this behavior; if you receive a DM you don’t like, you can unfollow that user and they will no longer be able to send you messages.” Twitter Help Center
  • Reply to a tweet you find interesting. (Blog Clarity)

I must say, I hate getting these messages and often find myself not paying attention to that user. After all, they did not  research who I am or what company I represent so obviously they don’t want my attention.

What do you think? Should people use the Twitter auto reply feature?